Our Top 5 - A Quotes Contest Is Now Open�

     We are seeking quotes that best relate best to advice and/or could be used as a great analogy when someone gives advice to another person. As you may know, AW does not like to post quotes for the sake of dialogue, but nonetheless we love great quotes. Quotes are a great source of mental stimulation and relate in so many ways to advice and in giving great advice. Therefore, we created the A Quotes tab page on our Facebook page. Please see: Facebook** Page: A Quotes

     Because we don�t like to post quotes just to have something to say, we want you to do it� �And we may very well reward you for it! This month we are testing out the concept of a contest in order to bring in some great quotes to our wall. Thus, after the end of the month (March 31, 2011) we will select five (5) quotes submitted by AW fans posted on the Advice Watch wall or in the discussions. Of the quotes that we feel provide the best delineation to advice and/or provide great analogies in the general scheme of advice, we will award five (5) each Visa gift cards***. The quote that is selected to be on the list as the number 1 quote for the month, the person who first posted it, provided all other terms and conditions are met will receive a $ 100.00 Visa gift card. The person or persons who posts the other four quotes selected to be on the list of the Top 5 A Quotes will receive a $ 25.00 Visa gift card for each of the quotes selected to be on the list of the Top 5 A Quotes. You could also potentially win multiple gift cards or even all of the gift cards depending on how many quotes that you posted and qualify, are selected to be on the list of the Top 5 A Quotes.

     Yes, the prizes are small but we hope to increase the prizes and keep this contest continually open as a monthly contest based on the success and response we get this month.


  • You can submit quotes by anyone or make up your own quotes.
  • If two (2) or more persons post the same or similar quote, and the quote is selected to be on the list of the Top 5 A Quotes, the person who posted the quote first provided all other conditions are met, shall win any potential prize.
  • ONLY THE FIRST THIRTY (30) quotes that you post in one month shall be considered. We have to do this because we do not want anyone spamming the wall with every quote they can think of or come across.
  • The number of �likes� or comments a quote gets has no bearing in determining which quotes get selected to be on the list of the Top 5 A Quotes� Why? This concept would be too easy to manipulate since one could simply get their friends to like and comment on posts. And this is not a popularity contest.
  • The quotes you post should relate to advice or tips and/or provide a great reference quote that someone giving advice would like to refer to while giving such advice. Of course, that will differ depending on what type of advice is given and about what. So you would most likely want this to be in a broad scope of things.
  • Facebook only allows posts up to 420 characters spaces on any wall. However, if you have a quote that is longer than that, you may post it as a topic in the discussions area.
  • Terms and conditions apply.


***Terms and conditions apply; see the Terms and Conditions




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