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The Distinction of Knowing And Giving

     Because having knowledge and expertise of a subject or topic does not necessarily mean that you're the most qualified and dignified to give guidance on such.  Knowledge and expertise is what is inside of your own mind.  We want to know if you're capable and noble enough in character of what's expected in articulating and providing guidance of such expertise.  Usually that also means having the heart of a teacher even when giving the best advice is counterproductive to your financial bottom line.

     When you acquire your - CAP - Certified Advice Professional credential you'll have a serial numbered certificate linked back to all of your qualifying websites and/or pages such as your Linked-In, Twitter, and Facebook fan page.  Not only does this provide you with a quality back-link, and a searchable directory where you might be found, but gives you a clickable and verifiable credential to place on your own website or page to instill trust and respect of visitors.







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