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Knots & Knotting

Thus far, the best knot tying instructions web site we've found provides many knots tying instructions by way of animation:

Animated Knots by Grog **

You might also want to check out the IGKT **
... They have a good beginner primer on knots and knot tying.

Some AW Notes on Knots


Soundproofing Primer 
(Project Link)

     This is general information about soundproofing that you absolutely must know before proceeding to specific soundproofing projects such as the ones that follow...



Soundproofing a Door
(Project Link)

soundproof door

(First read the soundproofing primer above)

Acoustical door covers typically cost from around $ 325.00 - $ 450.00 depending on the length and width.  You can make your own for a fraction of the cost (about $ 30 - $ 50) that is effective, stylish, and customized by you using this method. 


Soundproofing a Wall
(Project Link)
(Good method for an apartment or office)

soundproof wall

Though it looks permanent or built in...

     This is an awesome method of soundproofing a wall that is not a permanent fixture!  Thus, it may be possible to use in an apartment or leased office space.  When you leave, you can take most of the materials with you, and leave little if any damage on the walls, ceiling, or floor.  If you are so paranoid of not getting your security deposit back that you wouldn't even hang pictures on your wall, don't use this method.  But it is probably the only chance you have for effective soundproofing on a tight budget in such leased space situations.


Name Plate
(Project Link)

desk name plaque

This is a name plate that can be used on your desk top, booth, or counter top.  Customized by you, it is elegant, personal, and unique.




Var-Bar Stool
(Project Link)

 var-bar bar stool barstool

     Make this bar stool or a bar stool set.  Unique elegant design also has a unique functionality trait...  The back support leans back to about a 30 angle as you lean back, providing "laid back" comfort.


Rabbit Ear Assisted House Wiring Antenna Trick
(Project Link)

antenna trick



Make An RFID Blocker
( For your purse or wallet )



   Covey Hole Rotatable Cell Phone Holder


How To Hang Pictures In Wall Corners

Photos Hanged In Wall Corner



Rubbing Massager
(Project Link)



  After you've learned some knots come back to the Knots & Knotting section for some applications and practical uses for such knotting;  such as uses in furniture making, crafting, emergencies, hunting, fishing, camping.


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