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The Current AW Top 5 Picks for:  Gardening Advice Tips


Weekend Gardener  Monthly Web Magazine has some printer friendly tips, a climate zone map, an indexed 2 minute video tips section ( You will have to allow Active X Controls to watch the videos on the site: We allowed the Active X controls, and found no viruses, adware, or spyware and feel rather confident in the safety of the site. Great content.


HGTV Gardening section has various linked topics and has 3 top gardening topics: 1. Gardening By The Yard ; 2. Container Gardening ; and 3. Vegetable Gardening, but other topics as well. A moderate level of ads. Overall well-rounded info and topics.


TLC of HowStuffWorks provides Gardening Tips by various linked topics and subtopics, many are printer friendly. Moderate level of ads on the various pages


Gardening Tips Place provides various gardening and related articles with featured content displayed; a beginners guide section and sitemap, with a moderate level of ads.


Chicago Botanic Garden provides: “Your Garden — Gardening Help Gardening Tips & Techniques:” Various linked topics with virtually no ads on any pages.





The Helpful Gardener provides various tips in somewhat of a blog format. We didn’t find any printer friendly pages, but there are few ads and a rather busy forum.


Bluegrass Gardens: This site has the potential to be in the Advice Watch Top 5 with sections for FAQ, Articles, Plant Profiles nicely done, contact page, and some great how-to articles. However, on our visit, a few of the links went to other sites without warning and some to pages that no longer exist.


The ezine artice “Herb Gardening - 10 Great Tips For Growing Popular Culinary Herbs” by Cathy Brewer provides a quick 10 list for herb growing. As usual with Ezine articles, there is a substantial amount of ads surrounding the body of info of the article.


Gardening Tips Revealed provides various gardening tips by linked topics, but had a slow loading page and our firewall reported unknown activity, perhaps a script for the ads loading on the index page.





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