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The Current Advice Watch Top 5 Picks for: Photography Tips


Photography is a specialty in which it is painstaking for experts to decide to share any free tips. Anyone with great skills in photography is probably making good money doing it, and thus sharing tips is often considered either a waste of time or a conflict of interest. So, there might be better sites on the net for photography advice and tips if you are willing to pay a membership or other fee. Therefore you would be hard pressed to find any other alternatives for free photography advice of great quality. So, enduring ads or paying a fee is common for photography advice tip sites/pages. But we did find�


Kodak seems to be the exception to the rule for providing a great advice tips web section. There is not really any ads except what you might expect (of course for �Kodak�)... There is a �Top 10� tips section, printable tips, and �Tips From The Pros� section in which various professionals share primarily 1 tip each, perhaps 1 of their favorites.



At there is a moderately heavy amount of ads, and some of the ads may appear somewhat to be part of various article info. That being said, there is a great deal of contributed advice, tips, and other info at this site including tutorials, quick tips, beginner section, a terminology dictionary, and other resources.



The site
�amateur snapper� by Pete Williams provides various tips by linked topics and has a great variety of tips for photographing specific things and people. Only a moderate amount of ads on the various pages.


There is a substantial amount of ads throughout the site which contributes to the pages loading somewhat slowly, but other that that this site has overall good tips by linked topics, and a quick primer page.
(primer page)


5. provides some good clean tips particularly for photographing wildlife and dogs�
The Quick Tips section showing: �How to Photograph Dogs� is especially pleasant. (for dogs)


-------*** Honorable Mentions Below:***---------------


This site having a home page entitled
�A Photographer�s Sketch Book� by photographer John Lehmann provides some tips in ActiveX control format. There are no ads on the page but the author asks for donations, which is fair. There is a potential for a pop-up asking for allowance to run Microsoft Agent software. It is not necessary to allow this software to run, and only makes a �cute little wizard� ask you for a donation at the time of this posting.



This site ( has the potential to be a great photography advice tips web site. There are few ads, which are organized away from the body of info. However, there are not that many tips at the time of this posting.


SLR Photography Guide provides a great set of tips for SLR cameras (Single Reflex Lens cameras) So, this is somewhat of a specialized tips site with a moderate amount of ads on various pages.



This site (
mac DevCenter) by O'Reilly Media, Inc. provides a quick set of tips organized to the left column of the page�






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