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How To Instantly Determine If A Piece
of Mail Is An Advertisement Solicitation

   official mail letter Presorted Postage

     You might get a lot of mail, much of which you don't want.  But many advertisements or solicitations that you get in your mailbox look official or important.  Of course, they are designed to appear that way in an attempt to get you to open it and see their offer.  Many times this may bother you for various reasons.  A quick way to determine if it is probably an ad is to look at the postage in the upper right corner.  If you see the word: "PRESORTED" anywhere within the postage area and it is "Standard," it is almost definitely a solicitation.  Advertisers get bulk rate discounts with the Post Office, and even more so if they presort by zip code.  An important or official letter is rarely sent as presorted bulk mail to a mass of consumers. 

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"Best Way to watch free Satellite-Like TV on the Internet & Scam Warning"
An original and now exclusive Advice Watch article

     Jay Vunak originally posted some information in the discussions of our Facebook** page.  We appreciated it so much that we bought the exclusive rights to the article, and may update the article page with pertinent information from time to time...  Satellite Like TV & Scam Warning

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Searching For The Good Advice...

     Here is some considerations to help you search for advice and tips on any topic on your own.  These are among the same techniques Advice Watch uses to find quality advice throughout the net.  This little article was originally posted in the discussions on our Facebook** page.  It was moved because it will be regularly updated:  Advice Searching

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Do You Have An Invention?
Don’t Know Where To Go or What To Do?

     A great place to start is locally. Thus you can better network with other inventors and potentially some people who can introduce you to others or even help you directly. The National Society of Inventors** provides a list of local organizations according to your state: http://www.nationalinventors.com/organizations.html We feel that this is the best place to start. Larger organizations and businesses may tend to be focused on larger agendas.

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Buying A New Bed Frame...
Do You Like Wasting Money?

     If you want a new mattress set or just want to change the decor in your room, unless you get a different size mattress there is hardly ever a reason to buy a new bed frame.  You can buy a new headboard, but most frames are universal and will attach to your new headboard.  Metal bed frames can last decades.

Bed Frame Bracket
The brackets on your bed frame are virtually universal,
 and will attach to most new headboards.

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Brain Tweaking With Games

     Keeping the mind sharp and tweaked is always a good idea. Various games can help do this.  For example, crossword puzzles help with your association of words and therefore tunes your vocabulary.  Games such as chess and Mastermind** maintain and bolster reasoning fitness. Other games such as this quick online game: The Color Test** equipoise impulse to reaction.  The Alzheimer's Association** now recommends playing such “brain games” for brain maintenance.

You can play many brain games online such as at:

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Always Listen To What Isn’t Being Said ( : I)

     The most effective listening technique according to may experts in fields such as negotiation is to listen for what isn’t being said. Try to determine if the person that you are listening to is:

  • Specifically trying to avoid giving a detail of information by gradually pressing him or her on the information.  First try to suggest things that vaguely or indirectly relate to the piece/s of specific information that you determine to be essential; gradually put the pressure on the person being listened to by increasing the directness of targeted question/s. All the while, look and listen for cues and clues that the person doesn’t want to “go in that direction” of the question/s.
  • Wanting to say something, but doesn’t want to come right out and say it directly.  Insinuations are the key to the way this type of person or technique operates. Listen and look for “circling.” This type of person or the technique that he/she is using is to “paint a circle around a target” of the message he/she wants you to receive. Most often this is done by projecting a series of analogies and/or philosophies that could all relate to the message he/she wants you to receive.

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Harmful Gases Emitted From Copy Machines

     Do you work in an office environment? You may consider trying to convince your boss to position the copy machine next to a window or other outlet with an exhaust method to blow air outwardly in that direction… Gases emitted from copy machines can cause:

  • Fatigue
  • Reduced coordination
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Lower attention span
  • Dizziness
  • Slowed reactions
  • And can cause or contribute to headaches

More info see:

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Have Fun On Spring Break, But Don’t Come Back Sick

    It is Spring Break and though the greater chunk of the flu season is past, there seems to be a final surge of colds and flu after spring break.  This may be clue…  Dr. Phillip Tierno conducted scientific studies in hotel rooms while researching his book, “The Secret Life of Germs.”  Dr. Tierno (the director of microbiology and immunology at New York University) found germs all over hotel rooms that had supposedly been cleaned and sanitized at some of even the finest hotels.  He also observed improper cleaning techniques such as cleaning the phone and remote control with the same rag just used in cleaning a restroom.  While, other things were not cleaned at all.  It is quite common for door knobs, handles, and alarm clocks not to be cleaned even as these things get touched by human hands that are not washed all the time.  Hotel rooms are typically only inspected once per year for health violations – if that.  Compare that to restaurants which average a health inspection four times per year.


  • You may want to consider traveling with your own pillow case/s and sheets to cover the mattress. Think about it… Your mattress is one thing that not even Goodwill** will accept for health violation reasons.  And according to Dr. Tierno, the bed is the biggest health threat in a hotel room. There is bacteria from sweat, hair, bodily secretions, and fungi. Plus all of us shed over a million skin cells per hour whenever we sleep.  That is the main reason a mattress is always substantially heavier just 5 years after you bring it home.
  • Carry disinfecting wipes, and wipe down items that get touched and handled often such as remote controls, door knobs, phones, and light switches.
  • Above all don’t panic or be alarmed, just be informed.  Dr. Teirno relates that only a fraction of germs are harmful to humans;  Plus you can nearly eliminate health danger by doing the one thing always recommended anyways – washing your hands.
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Chocolate Does Have Health Benefits

     Scientists continue to uncover new information about chocolate, which contains more than 300 chemicals. It seems to be much like coffee in the sense that it was once & not too long ago thought to be bad for your health but now all the indicators point in the opposing direction (that eating chocolate has many health benefits. Some facts below:
  • Cacao contains antibacterial agents that actually fight tooth decay. (However, because most manufacturers think of chocolate to be sold as candy, all of the other ingredients that they mix with it – primarily sugar, are what is bad for t…eeth; making the chocolate product as a whole bad for teeth, if teeth are left unclean for a prolonged period of time.)
  • Dark Chocolate contains almost 8 times the number of antioxidants that are in strawberries.
  • The flavoniods in chocolate are known to help relax blood pressure by producing nitric oxide, and by balancing certain hormones.
  • Dark chocolate seems to be the chocolate of choice for health benefits, and in fact has health benefits not found in other forms of chocolate.
  • Some Informative links:

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Our Top 5 A Quotes Contest Is Now Open…

     We are seeking quotes that best relate best to advice and/or could be used as a great analogy when someone gives advice to another person. As you may know, AW does not like to post quotes for the sake of dialogue, but nonetheless we love great quotes. Quotes are a great source of mental stimulation and relate in so many ways to advice and in giving great advice. Therefore, we created the A Quotes tab page on our Facebook page. Please see: Facebook** Page:  A Quotes

     And see more about the contest here:  The A Quotes Contest

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