How To Make An RFID Blocker

For your existing purse or wallet...

You don't need to buy an aluminum wallet that may cramp your style or budget...



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Rolled Peel & Stick Liner

You can use rolled adhesive peel and stick backed drawer liner such as this Duck** brand Easy Liner**.   Brushed Steel color was used for this demo, but you can use any color.


Drawer Liner w/ aluminum foil comparison

Do you see
 where we're going with this...?





Peel and stick a portion

Peel and stick a portion about an inch longer than the width of your RFID cards to some aluminum foil sheeting.




adhesive backing extended past foil

But leave about a � to � inch of the adhesive backing extending from the aluminum foil;  so that you can later seam seal it as an enclosure around your cards.



fold wrapping enclosure around cards

Now fold this reinforced sheet around you card/s width-wise.



seam sealing enclosure

Then seam seal it with the adhesive backing that you left exposed from figure 4.



snug but not too tight

You want your cards to fit snug, but not too tight inside your new enclosure because...



pushing card/s through 1 end out the other end

You want to be able to push it/them through one side of the enclosure with a finger to gain access when you need it/them.


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