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Best Way to watch free Satellite-Like
 TV on the Internet & Scam Warning

Initial Contributor: ( by: Jay Vunak)
Updated November 22, 2010



Best Way to watch free Satellite-Like TV on the Internet & Scam Warning

     There is a scam floating around on the internet�. Getting free satellite TV on your computer. They say all you need is an internet connection and their software. (Their software typically sells for about $ 50.00). Well they are half right� You do obviously need an internet connection. But you do not need their software. All of the stations are free anyways, and you can usually find them by a quick search using a search engine.

     After you�ve learned that the channels are free, they may come back at you with the ole �Well, we�ve made a special player for convenience� back-at-ya. Well, I�ve never found any of the players that you have to pay for any better than some free players that you can download. In fact, there is a couple of free ones that I think are better in every way. Furthermore, you can and should make a favorites/bookmarks page that you organize your own way - anyways, such as News channels, Sports Channels, etc..

     First understand however, that this so-called �satellite TV� is not like the kind of satellite TV or cable TV that most likely first comes to your mind, when thinking of �satellite TV�. Most of it is pre-recorded streams. It has to be, because when using an internet connection, you will obviously need to buffer most videos. Though there is some live internet TV; and many streams may only be an hour or few hours old from live TV, or possibly even minutes.

     With all of the above said however, this may be the ideal choice for entertainment for many people. You can indeed save a lot of money by ditching your cable or satellite service. Over the years, you could save literally thousands of dollars. And in many ways, this satellite-like (keyword: LIKE) internet TV can rival the real satellite or cable TV entertainment service; Especially if you have a really high speed broadband connection. For one thing there is a gazillion more channels, and available from all over the world from many different countries.

     COOL NOTE: Most newer model televisions allow you to hook up your computer to such TV, so you can watch your satellite-like internet TV on your big screen. World TV PC also offers a tutorial about connecting your PC (or laptop) to your TV; Here it is�

So let�s start working on building your satellite-like internet TV experience�

     First, make sure that you have the following software programs on your computer, so that various web sites with media, and TV Players will work properly when viewing, and so you don�t experience any problems. You may already have these programs, but if there is any doubt, go ahead and re-download them, and you should continually update these programs anyways.

(They are all free downloads):

Net Framework 1.1
Real Player
Microsoft Media Player
Adobe Flash Player
Quicktime Player

NOTE: Be careful with Real Player & Quicktime Player�. On the download, they like to automatically set all media types to open with their players. It is better to: Choose your own custom settings.

There are some specialty players made specifically for this satellite-like TV viewing. They can come in handy and add some convenience. They make your experience more like watching TV by having channel up/down selections and such. But note however that whatever player/s you use will not have all or even a majority of available channels.

A few of these specialty players that I like: (And yes they are currently free):

The TVU player: (Free Download)

The SopCast player (Free Download)

MIRO (Free Download)

The best way to make your satellite-like TV viewing experience more comfortable is to use the fastest available broadband internet connection. Also, a wired internet connection is almost always more reliable and faster than any kind of wireless connection such as Wi-Fi.

Some good Free web sites having Satellite-like TV viewing:


Channel Chooser:
(Offers a huge selection of channels from countries all over the world)



World TV PC:






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