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  • Much to our surprise, PetsMart provides relatively clean and clear tips broken down into linked topic sections. Of course, it is a pet supply store but relatively non-sly in pushing any products for sale. There are a few link-throughs that go to the PetsMart store, and a few topic sections have questionable recommendations of certain products. Otherwise, silver-toned tips!


    • of Pam Young, LVT CDBC CPDT - Dog Gone Good LLC: Also provides linkable topics. The site seems to be funded by both donations and a few advertisements which are organized to the side of any body of info.


    • DogTrainingHQ is funded by advertisements, but the body of info in the linked topics are generally straightforward and clean.



    • Ducks Unlimited provides more specialty training tips for hunting retriever dogs, but many are conveyable to general dog training tips. Few ads, organized apart from the body of info.


    • provides an archive of various practical dog training tips, optional printer friendly pages, a search tool for specific tips, and quick tips link.


    • Dogster is a fantastic community based dog and puppy information site. The general format layout is topic linked tips. Furthermore, other dog owners are also allowed to share their personal experience to chime in and continue on the advi...ce in an ongoing conversation. A search tool and the ability to ask questions. The �Discover Your Ideal Breed� App on the home page a sweet plus. Few ads on the pages, and since other experienced dog owners can chime in on the advice, any hidden motives would likely be addressed.






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