How Do You Hang A Picture Frame In A Corner?

Hang Pictures or Clocks In Wall Corners With This Simple Technique...

Photos Hanged In Wall Corner

     You can hang picture frames, wall clocks, and just about anything else angled precisely how you want it with a professional appearance using the below simple technique... (Click on thumb nailed images below for larger view.)



Determine Screw Height

Determine the height you want the photo to be hung from.  This will be the same as if you were going to hang it on a flat wall.  Insert a screw in the corner right there to be protruding from the corner.


Screw protruding from corner

You do not need a long screw to reach all the way to your hanging bracket on the back of your photo.  You just need it to protrude from the corner perhaps an inch or so; enough for a wire to bite it.


Wire pulling frame towards wall

Now just use some wire.  You could theoretically use rope or twine, but something with some stiffness like gauged wire makes it much easier because all you have to do is pull it tight from your hanging bracket towards the wall corner/screw and twist it tight.


Completed picture hanging

Your done, but you can still make angle adjustments by loosening and retightening the wire however you want it.  Nobody can tell how you hung it unless they look behind it.

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