The Current Top 5 Relationship
 & Dating Advice Sites & Pages

Updated: 03/04/2014


Relationship & Dating Advice Sites - Pages:


The Dating Blog has advice tip articles on everything about dating. There are ads on the various pages but they are non-intrusive. Great content from various authors.



2. provides a variety of advice articles for both men and women, and is divided by such sections. A moderate level of ads on the various pages.



PlanJam provides various dating advice tip articles. They have a tool that is in beta stage wherein you can enter your city or zip code to help figure our what to do or where to take a date. We couldn’t find a privacy policy, and the tips are currently few.



It’s Just Karma! Provides relationship articles primarily from a dating perspective. But we could find no privacy policy. And the articles did not provide the name/s of any authors.



Oprah has a significant collection of articles by various authors on all types of dating and relationship advice tips with what seems to be some very good information. However, the site has higher than normal advertising content by AW standards and the articles are broken down into linked pages wherein you have to click to the next pages to finish reading the articles. This is a common tactic to expose one to more advertisements.


Honorable Mentions Below:


Of course eHarmony has a motive… They want you to join their site. They also have a significant amount of ads on the various pages, and link-through ad words. That being said, there is some great advice on many dating and relationship topics to be found here.






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