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RFID Blocker

Card Slide-Out RFID Blocker

      More than 140 million people in the U.S. now make purchases with radio frequency I.D. credit or debit cards by holding such cards a few inches from a reader.  Thieves can buy an RFID scanner for about $ 60 – $ 80 U.S. dollars.  They can walk close by you or stand in line next to you with the scanner in a duffle bag, laptop case, or similar holder.  We’ve seen these RFID scanners sold on e-bay** to anyone with no requirements to purchase them other than having the measly $ 75 or so that it costs after shipping.  It may be a little scary, but fear not… Advice Watch has some defenses for you…  Some defensive tactics include:

  • Having multiple cards touching each card together causes conflicting transmissions which generally scramble jams the RFID scanner.
  • There are aluminum wallets which block RFID transmissions…  But we know this might not be of your preferred organizing methods or style, so…
  • You can in fact just use aluminum foil to wrap the card/s inside…  It works just as good as an aluminum wallet in blocking RFID transmissions…
  • But using Reynolds Wrap** may be too “cheesy” for you and besides, the foil will eventually get torn apart;  but you can still use aluminum foil and make an RFID signal blocker with the simple and fast how-to project below.  You can carry this around in your purse or wallet.  We’ve tested it and the foil does not seem to be prone to tear.

See How-To Make Your Own RFID Blocker – An exclusive Advice Watch DIY project.

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