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      There are many mattress reviews and comparisons at many different sites.  Some are comparisons of types of mattresses such as memory foam vs. innerspring.  Then when you get to a type of mattress, there are comparisons and reviews of the different brands, styles, features, and options. Thus, we have no need jump into that bandwagon. However, there may be some things you can do to improve the comfort and longevity of any mattress.  Chief among the techniques is obviously to use a mattress topper.  There are also already many reviews and comparisons among these as well, so we have no need to go into that either.  But we have noticed some complaints about adding a mattress topper:  One is that it tends to shift from the original placement by the user.  Another is that the sheets do not fit properly.

     We’ve tested using Velcro** or (hook & loop fastener) tapes to secure mattress toppers to the primary mattress. After 21 days, the topper was still in the original position of placement during normal use. Of course, there was the concern that peeling the tapes off of the mattress would cause damage or “stickiness” to the mattress.  But the tapes peeled off easily, and without damage or sticky residue on an innerspring mattress.  However, though the tapes also peeled off easily from latex foam and feather down mattress toppers, it did leave some sticky residue on a memory foam topper.  You may consider this to be a problem with memory foam toppers since such are difficult to clean to begin with.  It was also observed that using the tapes helped sheets fit over less thick toppers.  It was not readily determined why, but it may be because it keeps the topper in place while securing the sheets to different corners of the mattress.

     Apart from that, a very key task to increase the longevity and perhaps comfort of your mattress is to flip it over every month if it is a non-pillow top mattress, and if it is a pillow top, then turn it around every so often wherein the head and foot placement rotate.

     Do not overlook your pillows.  Your pillows are key to your overall sleep comfort. And you may mistake any uncomforting sleep as being due to your mattress, when in all actuality it may have more to do with your pillows.  How your neck is aligned has much to do with your spine alignment.  Therefore, when you wake in the morning if your “back” is hurting or uncomfortable, you could easily mistake that the mattress caused it.  It may very well be due to how your head is supported throughout the night.

Fastener tapes applied to mattress...

Velcro** Fastener tapes applied to mattress...


Tended to peel off easily w/ no sticky residue

Tended to peel off easily w/ no sticky residue, yet held the mattress topper in place.



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